ANC PTT Media Statement

ANC PTT Media Statement

11 June 2013, Frans Mohlala House

This report accounts for the programme of the ANC Provincial Task Team since our appointment in March 2013, at the University of Limpopo, by the ANC President, Comrade Jacob Zuma. It reports on the work in progress of the PTT towards addressing matters which led to the disbandment of the PEC. You will recall that patronage; factionalism and parallel structures have been cited among the reasons why the PEC was disbanded by the ANC NEC.

The report gives a summary account and takes stock of our work since our appointment. It is complemented by the summary reports from the regions and sub-committees of the PTT. This information would assist our branches, regions, members and supporters to measure our performance and assist us to effectively discharge our mandate and our historic mission.

The ANC NEC mandated us, members of the PTT to rebuild the structures of the ANC and take the organization to the provincial conference around December 2013, where ANC members would elect new leaders-PEC and contest and win in huge numbers the 2014 national elections. Our point of departure has been to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations on how to strengthen the capacity of the ANC through our Strategic Planning session, which was held yesterday, 10 June 2013, at Enthabeni Lodge in the Waterberg District Municipality. Our Strategic Planning Session was attended by all members of the PTT, the Chairpersons and Secretaries of the Leagues and Regions and the secretariat.

The Strategic Planning was an important moment for our movement, in that it allowed us to reflect on the immediate and new challenges of governance, of building structures and unity. It set signposts for our movement to strengthen its mass character, its internal democracy, discipline and cohesion, provide leadership to society, and deepen the revolutionary traditions of the organization and the relationship between organizational structures and governance. The session presented an opportunity for us to oil our election machinery for 2014 national election. We are in full swing to prepare for the coming election. Currently we have established the PTT sub-committee and other internal structures to prepare for elections. Our comrades have attended train the trainer on elections and soon it will be cascaded to our members at branch level. Soon we will be launching the volunteer recruitment campaign in the province. Above all the programme that will lead us to conference and national elections has been defined.

The PTT has met with the political leadership of all spheres of government, e.g. the Executive and Municipalities including the Legislature, to assess progress made in the implementation of our policy priorities. We, dismiss allegations of tensions between the PTT and the Premier and so-called micromanagement of the provincial government as baseless and false. We are unanimous in the view that greater efforts and attention need to be given to the task of ensuring that all government departments have the capacity to execute the ANC`s core mandate, fast-tracking job creation, health, education, infrastructural development and fighting crime. The ANC will continue to work closely with and monitor the performance of its government and municipalities on the implementation of its policies. The ANC will intensify its programme to root out corruption in all spheres of society, including within government and within the ANC itself. We shall not apologise for monitoring and evaluating the performance of our cadres.

The ANC has disbanded three of its regional structures. The following regions are now under led by Regional Task Teams and thus: Peter Mokapa, Mopane and Sekhukhune. The disbandment was guided by the need to maintain the character of the ANC as the people`s movement. Assessment reports gathered from the ANC branches, during the regional cadres forums informed the disbandment. These reports indicate that the affected regions defeated the provisions of the constitution of the ANC in of their existence and functionality. Therefore the PTT has the responsibility to act against those who have placed themselves outside the principles, practices and disciplines of the ANC. There is no grievance that justifies deliberate action to undermines the structures of the ANC, defy it decisions, or promote factional activity. The PTT will continue provide political support and guidance to the RTTs, and continue to monitor closely other regions, Waterberg and Vhembe. The state of these regions did not warrant disband but corrective measures.

The ANC and our Alliance partners have been meeting on regular basis to discuss solutions of strengthening relations and the development of action programmes, focusing on economic and social transformation in particular. A particular attention was paid to developing appropriate mechanisms to ensure that we strengthen the Alliance and work tirelessly to deal, in a constructive and comradely manner, with any problem that may arise from time to time. The declared intention by an affiliate of COSATU, to establish itself as an opposition to the ANC is a challenge to the Alliance partnership. We believe, it was inappropriate for SAWMU to respond in the manner it has responded, that it should have arranged an urgent meeting with us to raise its displeasure. We totally condemn any corrupt activities and elements within our municipalities, and as the ANC we are determined to root out corruption in all its making.

We intend to provide effective leadership in the province and welcome any fight against corruption in municipalities and in government.

We have engaged the House of Traditional Leaders and CONTRALESA on matters of mutual interests. This leadership has a responsibility to listen to these concerns and to respond appropriately. The PTT is determined to heal whatever divisions that existed and repair whatever hurt have been done.

We are disturbed by the challenges encountered by the Education Department. We have noted with dissatisfaction that the department has failed to meet its constitutional obligation to our learners. It`s totally not acceptable that our learners seat for examination a week late. We will continue to engage the department and assist where possible.

We further recognize that the state of our hospitals is deteriorating seriously. It poses a very serious threat that has the potential to roll back all the advances we have made in struggle. It is our conviction that the central challenge remains of service delivery in addressing the legacy of apartheid, imposing a heavy burden on our people, especially on the poor, on women, youth, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

The President of the ANC, Comrade Jacob Zuma, has made a clarion call to all branches of the ANC to fight gender based violence in our communities. The President expects our branches to roll-out campaigns to mobilize our masses to act against the scourge of violence against women and children and monthly reports to be submitted on progress. The PTT condemns all acts of violence against women and children in our province.

Comrade Nelson Mandela remains a powerful symbol of racial unity. The point needs to be made that our society and politics have changed in South Africa since the ANC-led government under the leadership of Comrade Mandela. We pray and wish Comrade Mandela could be well and be with us for many years to come.
The PTT calls on all our people to remain united in our common determination to rid our society of all forms discrimination, oppression and suffering. We call on all our people to remain united in defending the democratic gains we have made, and to intensify our collective efforts to build a better life for all.

By: PTT Provincial Secretary, Cde. Joy Matshoge


Sipho Dikgale
Media Liaison Officer
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