Statement on the inaguration of Premier Stan Mathabathe

Statement on the inaguration of Premier Stan Mathabathe

18 July 2013

On this day the ANC-Limpopo would like to pay tribute to the former Premier, Cde Cassel Mathale, for displaying leadership, courage and patriotism, by tendering his resignation before the last day of his term in office.

Cde Mathale has demonstrated to the whole country that he is willing to put the interests of his country and Limpopo in particular above those of his own. A lot has been achieved during his tenure.

We wish to congratulate the newly sworn-in Premier, Cde. Stan Mathabathe, former South African ambassador to Ukraine. We would like to emphasize that we fully understand the challenges he will be facing. The next months are going to be critical for implementing the policies and programs of the ANC in government, eventually leading to national elections.

Cde Stan he has swelled all the ranks of the Alliance, a tried and tested cadre our movement and fully aware of the policies and programs of the ANC. Many crucial tasks still remain, such as rooting out corruption, laziness and service delivery in the public sector, and implementation of people centered public service administration.

As a collective, we wish him all the best as he works to restore responsive public service administration and give political guidance to the executive.

We salute you Cde. Stan for never failing to respond when the province needs you, especially where it has to do with achieving policies of the ANC led government. The ANC will continue to provide unwavering support to the Premier Stan Mathabathe. We call upon all progressive forces to rally behind the premier as he tries to resolves long standing issues. We wish him all the best on the road ahead.

Issued by

Joy Matshoge
PTT Provincial Secretary


Sipho Dikgale
076 406 7414