ANCWL applauds the jail sentence of Johan Kotze

ANCWL applauds the jail sentence of Johan Kotze

21 July 2013

The ANCWL-Limpopo applauds the sentence meted against the "Modimolle Monster", Mr. Johan Kotze and his accomplices. They have all been sentenced to two life term imprisonment for their crimes. Such a strong sentence sends a clear message that their crimes were unspeakably heinous and deserving of harsh punishment. The message goes out to all victims of sexual abuse that their cries will be heard and justice will be done.

Mr. Kotze proved how much of a monster he was. It is alleged he may have abused all his ex-partners. Our hearts ache for these women and the pain that they went through, to have gone out in search of love only to be used like objects is unbelievably painful, and we hope that this sentence will help Mrs Ina Bonnette, former wife and other victims of the "Modimolle Monster" on their healing journey.

It is important to once again note the immeasurable courage shown by both Bonnette and her daughter, Angelique for telling the world about Kotze. We praise them for unwavering commitment to protecting other women from Kotze, they have likely saved the innocent of countless other women in South Africa. They both, particularly, Bonnette, deserves the utmost respect and universal praise. Our ANC-led government is determined to pursue the evil of sexual abuse of women and children no matter where it occurs in this country.

Issued by

Maleke Mokganyetsi
Provincial Secretary


Joyce Maluleke

Sipho Dikgale
Media Liaison Officer
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