Statement on allegations of assault of DASO members by the ANC

Statement on allegations of assault of DASO members by the ANC

23 August 2013

The African National Congress has noted with concern a statement issued by Democratic Alliance Youth leader in which she writes that "A meeting organized by the Democratic Alliance Students` Organisation at the University of Limpopo(UNILIM) was violently disrupted by ANC and SASCO members last night."

At the outset, let`s make one thing clear: the ANC has no branch at the University of Limpopo.

It is therefore preposterous to suggest or even insinuate that whoever was responsible for the disruption of the meeting has anything to do with the ANC. Our understanding is that there are student organizations operating at the institution and contesting for space all the time.

We would like to advise the Democratic Alliance Students` Organization to confine its battles to the student terrain and leave out the ANC in this matter because it is the height of political nonsensicality to equate SASCO with the ANC. For free political education to DASO, SASCO is not the ANC but a student organization which shares the progressive vision of the ANC.

Issued by
Joyce Matshoge
PTT Provincial Secretary

Sello Lediga
083 212 5000