Statement on violence in Malamulele

Statement on violence in Malamulele

16 October 2013

The African National Congress in Limpopo condemns in the strongest terms possible the ongoing violence in Malamulele. While the ANC in Limpopo understands the feelings and impatience of the aggrieved people of Malamulele, the destruction of private and public property does not in any way advance the cause of the peoplecof Malamulele.

Since the resurgence of mass protests by the people of Malamulele, the government of Limpopo, led by Premier Stan Mathabatha, has been seized of this matter and we believe the provincial government is doing everything in its power to re-open this matter with the Demarcation Board.

Furthermore, the ANC, at both provincial and national levels, is continuously addressing this emotive matter. The ANC is particularly worried about media reports that the violence and mass action in Malamulele has affected the regular operation of our schools.

No matter how just the cause, it is completely unacceptable that the education of our children should be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

We therefore call upon the people of Malamulele to give current initiatives to resolve their problems a fair chance to be explored fully and desist from violence.

Finally, we reiterate our call for the authorities to address the matter of Malamulele with the urgency it deserves in the best interests of all.

Sello Lediga