ANC-Limpopo message of support to all students writing final matric examinations

ANC-Limpopo message of support to all students writing final matric examinations

24 October 2013

The African National Congress in Limpopo Province, hereby wishes to extend a heartfelt and sincere message of support to all students who are preparing to write final matric examinations, which commence on the 28 October 2013. We encourage all learners to try their best and remind them that their hard work and dedication displayed throughout the 2013 academic year will surely be rewarded with success.

We are aware that both le arners and teachers faced a daunting task this year to the devastating shortage of study material and proper infrastructure and therefore urge all students to use all their free time to prepare in order to study effectively.

It is indeed parents who play the most vital supportive roles during this demanding time. Parents should therefore create an environment conducive to studying by keeping the noise levels at a minimum and by removing any unnecessary distractions, as matriculates need to remain focused at this time. We also recognize the hard work, dedication and commitment of both teachers and principals, who continually support students throughout the year.

We hope and believe that the class of 2013 will surpass the 2012, raising the flag of the Limpopo Province high in the sky. Against all odds they will definitely make us proud like in the past years. We are humbly calling on all resourceful members of our society, including retired educators to volunteer their time to assist our learners during this time around.

The African National Congress encourages all students to perform religious rituals each day, before commencing with their studies. Surely they will be protected and guided to writing exams and bringing them every success.

Issued by:
Joy Matshoge
ANC-Limpopo PTT Secretary

Sipho Dikgale