Waterberg Regional Conference Election Outcome

Waterberg Regional Conference Election Outcome

29 December 2013

It has become fashionable that some individuals from within the Party are relying on the courts to address internal issues of the party and to derail the the province from holding its provincial conference. These individuals are working in cahoots with imperialists held bent to destroy the ANC.

The ANC has emerged victorious after the High Court ruled in our favor to proceed convening the Waterberg Regional Conference on the 27 and 28 December 2013. We are a moving train and no shenanigan will succeed in derailing a moving train. It is alleged that some of our comrades in leadership positions, tasked to bring unity and build the bleeding ANC in the province are instigators and sponsoring these courts interdicts against the ANC. Unifying the province and building a disciplined organization is like a train in motion.How can you derail a speeding train?

Their responsibility should be on building this organisation rather than trying to stop it.They should not throw spanners in our vision and objective, but must come on board and make sure that we strengthen the ANC of Cde Sefako Makagatho, Cde Oliver Tambo,Cde Nelson Mandela and many others.

What we are seeing is that there are some individuals who are fighting the ANC from within.These individuals must come out in the open. The ANC will deal with these comrades who disrupt ANC meetings and those who want ANC to be managed through courts.The ANC was never established in the courts in 1912 and it will never resort to courts for any disputes within.These comrades were never schooled in the tradition of the ANC and the must be consequences for such anti-ANC behavior.

Going forward we will be guided by the ANC Constitution,conference resolutions and other internal policy documents.We urge our branches to elect leadership guided and informed by these documents.The Constitution requires members to be in good standing for seven years before nominated to the PEC,five years for the REC and two years for the BEC.The `Eye of the Needle` and other documents must inform our branches must also inform our branches.We are really under siege by comrades parachuted to our glorious organization, clueless about the organisation, hell bent to promote their own narrow selfish interest above those of the ANC.

We urge all our members to close ranks and make sure that the ANC retain its character in our communities.We congratulate the newly elected leadership of the Waterberg Region, and we are looking forward working with them in building the ANC and winning then 2014 general elections.They remained unshaken by the ill disciplined members of the ANC, who resorted to courts to seek court interdict after failing to understand internal processes and the Constitution. The ANC will forever come victorious against all these challenges.

The Waterberg Region newly elected leadership are:
1. Cde Morris Mataboge : Chairperson
2. Cde. Jack Maeko :Deputy Chairperson
3. Cde. Tolly Mashamaite :Secretary
4. Cde. Meisie Lekalakala :Deputy Secretary
5. Cde. Sarah Lamola :Treasurer

Issued by
Joy Matshoge

Sipho Dikgale