The ANC remains the party of choice for Malamulele People

The ANC remains the party of choice for Malamulele People

27 January 2014

The African National Congress is a political mass movement that is well organized with all its machineries in place to carry out its plans and programs. Ever since its founding on the 8 January 1912, the ANC has been growing in scope of its ideology, in admiration by persons of all persuasions, and has been consistently and persistently enriched with plans and programs in meeting with the current and future needs of Limpopo people, and the country. We remain true to our principles of delivering on promises of building a solid province where all citizens live in harmony with meaningful and productive lives.

In the next coming months, South African will be taking to the polls to elect a political party of their choice, answerable ton their needs and aspirations.The ANC is most certain that it will achieve a resounding victory during the upcoming general elections. This is so because it is the only political party that has the genuine interest of the people of this province at heart.We talk confidently assured of this notion from the tested trying past when others in murdering and oppression of our people,when others wavered or stood by watching from their safe havens, when they remained silent while other engrossed themselves in the betrayal of the revolution and were a part in the cause of our people`s deaths and destruction.

Having brought freedom and democracy in 1994, the ANC is well positioned to transform and steer the country towards economic development without betraying the cause of freedom and ensuring that the blood shed and supreme sacrifices made don not end in vain.Our dear province and country cannot afford to allow self styled politicians with ambitions to be rulers unto themselves and those bent on bringing back legacies of oppression and exploitation.These meager detractors, traitors,betrayer s have cushioned themselves in sheep skins treacherously portraying themselves as angels and saviors.South Africans,young and old, know too well their history. They cannot be fooled nor allow themselves to be betrayed.

We have entered into fully swing campaign for the 2014 general elections. All ANC cadres, volunteers and supporters in their masses are sufficiently oiled up and ready to deliver the well known and true message of hope, the true message of progress and message of better future for all people of Limpopo and the country, throughout the campaign.Our message is contained in the ANC Election Manifesto for 2014.This will answer to our people`s needs and aspirations for the next coming five years.

During this period, the ANC will roll-out intensive campaigning program in Malamulele and surrounding areas. We are going to be explaining our elections manifesto to our masses, to ensure that we are given another mandate to govern.This will coincide with the prayer session of the IEC on Wednesday, 29 January 2014.The prayer session comes after the ANC National List Conference where branches would have decided on candidates to be fielded to serve on the positions allocated to ANC through the National Assembly elections. The intention is to win all seats of both Provincial and National Assembles. Our branches have been hard at work to ensure the identification and selection of tested cadres is thoroughly done and qualified candidates are elected through the structure of the organisation.

I am calling and inviting all ANC members,supporters and sympathizes to come and attend planned campaigning programs for Malamulela and the prayer session. Your appearance will be a show of massive strength the ANC possesses. All of us owe it to ANC, the liberator of South Africa, to take part in this very important activities.

Issued by
Joy Matshoge
Limpopo ANC - PTT Secretary

Sipho Dikgale