ANC Limpopo condemns public violence and woman mutilation in Relela village

ANC Limpopo condemns public violence and woman mutilation in Relela village

30 January 2014

The ANC-Limpopo resolutely condemns public violence that took place In Relela village, near Bolebedu. The right for the public to hold peaceful assemblies, marches and demonstration is guaranteed by the South African Constitution and shall be unconditionally respected by the ANC led government, however such actions should result in violence, incitement and disruption of public order and undermining the rule of law, which has led to the regretful event.

We strongly condemn the barbaric practice, which is diabolical and degrading to the degrading of women. We find no justification for her death on either medical, religious or any other ground, all it does is cause great pain and suffering.Since the dawn of democracy, the ANC led government has enacted laws to end this horrid practice in our communities.

We strongly condemns the actions that has resulted in the death of a 15 year old boy during this uncalled for protection.The South African police have the responsibility to maintain security and stability in the area, and we are calling on protesters to desist from attacking the police and vandalizing property.The police have the right to respond harshly if they are attacked. The group of protesters are equally responsible for the loss of live and damage to property.

We are calling on all political parties to avoid any further escalation of violence in the area. All parties should share the responsibility to avoid violence and participate in a productive path towards an ever lasting solution. The public should not take law into their hands

Joy Matshoge
PTT Secretary

Sipho Dikgale