Media Statement by ANC Limpopo

Media Statement by ANC Limpopo

16 May 2011

We are nearing the close of our successful 2011 local government election campaign and we await May 18 with great anticipation, knowing that the will of the people of this great province of Limpopo will be revealed at the polls.

Over the past three months, the ANC through its leadership and cadres has combed the length and breadth of our province, talking and listening to our people. We have come to understand even better the challenges we still face and areas where we need to improve delivery and performance.

We have visited taxi ranks, farms, business community, churches and other religious denominations, traditional healers, informal settlements, deep rural areas, universities, farms and the buzzing urban centres. In all these places, we have heard the voices of our people – their needs, their socio-economic challenges, their aspirations and interests, but also their understanding of our considerable challenges and their appreciation of what the ANC government has achieved over the past 17 years.

Among our extensive list of achievements in service delivery are the following:

  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Electricity

During our walkabout and tour of projects this morning, you would have seen some of our success stories in this Mogalakwena Municipality. These include the R6million upgrade of 3kms of gravel road to tarred taxi road at Tshamahanzi Village; the development of the Mahwelereng Sports Node which includes a library, park and sports centre; the renovation of the Mokopane Swimming Pool and the Sekgakgapheng drop-in centre for orphans. These projects illustrate just how much the ANC government is changing the face of this province.

We are proud of our track record and we have many noteworthy delivery projects underway all across our province. Among these are the construction of a water pipeline from Nandoni to Giyani, the R33 from Modimolle to Lephalale, the Modupi Power Station and the De Hoop Dam in Sekhukhune.

This record and our commitment to act in the interests of our communities should send out a clear message that only a vote for the ANC can bring about real delivery and progress in our province.

The ANC remains at the coalface our communities and understands the particular challenges of this province. We know that unemployment and income inequality remain high. We know that poverty continues to cause indignity, particularly to rural dwellers. We know that there remains a backlog of proper housing and basic services, particularly in rural areas. We understand the frustrations of the poor – the unemployed and our workers, particularly farmworkers who still bear the brunt of the apartheid legacy. We know that access to health care and education remains a huge challenge for the poor. We know that crime continues to hurt our people, as we witnessed with the brutal murder of three teenage girls at Nobody last week. We know that poor performance and corruption have let us down.

With this knowledge, understanding and relationship with our communities we can deal with the issues and concerns which directly affect the quality of life of the people of this province. We are more determined than ever to overcome these.

We are aware that there have been some problems associated with the list process but these do not justify people standing as Independent candidates, particularly those who still use the ANC’s name and credentials to campaign. We must now put those problems behind us and focus on the task ahead of us: securing an overwhelming majority for the ANC in Limpopo and getting down to work to speed at up delivery at all spheres of government.

We believe we have put together the best team of candidates who understand the fundamentals of serving communities to lead our delivery agenda in every municipality in Limpopo. Our cadres who will be elected have a firm mandate to improve access to better quality basic services, overcome the legacy of apartheid spatial development, reduce unemployment, strengthen community participation and ensure effective, accountable and clean local government. Together with our ward committees and Community Development Workers, we aim to bring government even closer to the people.

We are pleased to see how the leadership and membership of the ANC has pulled together in this campaign to send a clear message that "We are ready to work with our communities to build a functional, effective and efficient local government system".

We would like to thank all our cadres at national, provincial and local level who worked so hard during the campaign to take our message to every corner of our province and to listen to the people.

It is due to your commitment and hard work built on the strength and might of our beloved movement that we are confident that Limpopo will once again emerge with an overwhelming ANC victory next week.

In closing, we wish to urge the people of Limpopo to go out in their numbers and build our democracy by exercising their right to vote the ANC.

Vote ANC on all ballot papers and together, we will build better communities!

Issued by: ANC Limpopo Province

For further information please contact ANC Provincial Spokesperson Cde David Masondo at 072 889 9052.