Christmas Message from the Limpopo ANC Chairperson, Cassel Mathale

Christmas Message from the Limpopo ANC Chairperson, Cassel Mathale

25 December 2010

Fellow citizens of Limpopo, the festive season is upon us. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas filled with the grace of the Almighty God. Christmas period is a period for family members to get together and strengthen ties. Let`s embrace each other in love and always put safety first. As we travel from different destinations to spend time with our loved ones let us remember to drive safely and arrive alive.

The momentous year 2010 has come, and is now drawing to its close. We have counted many successes as a province during this year, in the main with the successful hosting of the incident free FIFA World Cup and lately with the Miss South Africa crown coming to our province. As the Sun sets on 2010 let us all gather energies to take on 2011 with strength motivated by the will to succeed in all our ventures. As we celebrate the end of 2010 and the start of a new year let`s do so responsibly and wisely bearing in mind that the beginning of the year has its own financial demands. Let`s all go out in our numbers to support our magnificent movement in the coming local government elections.

I wish you all joyous 2010 festivities and a prosperous New Year!


Foreword by the Limpopo ANC Chairperson

Our movement has travelled a long way to where we are today. We faced turbulent times as we struggled to depose the apartheid regime while also having to deal with those amongst us who did not share the same ideas and ways to achieve the desired freedom. As we are on the eve of celebrating our movement`s centenary we have to take stock of our achievements. We have to give an account of how far we have moved in bringing a better live to our people whom for many decades suffered under segregation laws that drove them to a state of disaffection and desolation.

As the people`s ruling party which is guided by amongst others, the historic desire and ability to make a meaningful change in the lives of the people, it is important that we should make an innocent assessment of what we have delivered and the potential of our glorious movement to amplify our successes.

The African National Congress made a commitment at the dawn of democracy to reconstruct and develop South Africa, lifting the previously disadvantaged out of the misery and suffering we found ourselves in, due to divisive policies of the previous regime. We also appreciate the challenges that we continue to encounter as a result of the lack of resources and technical expertise which impact negatively on the consistent provision of some services to our people.

We have been able to meet some of the responsibilities bestowed on us by our members and the general masses of our people. Great strides have been made with our Reconstruction and Development Plan in providing housing, sanitation, electricity and water. We have been successful in growing the economy to enable us to meet some of our objectives and commitments. Our economy grew exponentially, increasing the middle class of our country.

As we prepare to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ANC we have to consolidate on the hegemony of this noble movement founded on the principle of selfless dedication to community work. We have declared that South Africa belongs to all who live in it with equality in the forefront irrespective of race, gender, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, culture, language or birth and this is a principle we have been able uphold throughout.

We have to build the ANC`s dominance and hegemony that in its character as the oldest liberation movement in the continent of Africa, shows the versatility in fighting for the betterment of the lives of the people.


Working together we can do more in delivering beyond the centenary of our movement.