The ANC Limpopo is vindicated on unfair reporting

The ANC Limpopo is vindicated on unfair reporting

23 January 2011

The African National Congress has noted the Press Ombudsman`s response in the City Press of 23 January 2011, wherein he shows several flaws in previous reports of the newspaper.

The ANC wishes to state that it has always suspected something amiss in several stories that appeared in the newspaper which could not be corroborated. Although the ANC and individual ANC leaders objected to the writer on several occasion, the plea often landed on deaf ears or deliberately ignored. The writer or writers would either ignore the comments or responses from those he would be writing about.

The ANC has over the years supported the freedom of the media, and objective and fair reporting. This reporting, should also be subjective to the bill of rights, and also respect the dignity of individuals without fear or favour.

The reports which appeared mainly in the City Press and maybe in other publications have to a large extent damaged the person of Cde Cassel Mathale without giving him an opportunity to respond or verify the authenticity of the facts.

Without going into details, the ANC will continue to support these freedoms of the press and support any objective reporting as outlined in its statutes.

Issued by ANC Provincial Secretary.


Cde Joe Maswanganyi
Cde Ishmael Kgetjepe ( 0798792652)
Cde Kenny Mathivha ( 0824501331)