Labelling of ANC Limpopo Provincial Leadership

Labelling of ANC Limpopo Provincial Leadership

22 August 2011

The ANC notes with serious concern the labelling of its provincial leadership as the "Limpopo political mafia" in the City Press of 21 August 2011.

We view this as the on-going malicious and baseless attack on the ANC and its leadership in the province by forces hell-bent to discredit and defocus the ANC-led government from carrying out its tasks of implementing the elections manifesto.

The current ANC-led government leadership is composed of tried and tested leaders deployed by the ANC. And so far, there is nothing that shows that our leaders deployed in the provincial government have contravened any law in the country. Instead they have performed very well in line with the ANC electoral mandate.

We take pride in many of our provincial departments and other government institutions for attaining clean audit outcomes.

In stark contrast to the media-contrived reports about Limpopo being a haven of corruption, these audit outcomes prove that the Limpopo government is running a clean government, and that it is acutely attending to perceptions of corruption and ensuring adherence to governance, including aligning to the 2014 Clean Audit goals.


The provincial ANC government has committed itself to creating 166 thousand jobs. So far, this government has produced 37% of this job target, which is far above its quarterly target. This is a concrete demonstration of our provincial government`s commitment to changing the conditions of the poor.

This positive economic performance of the Limpopo provincial government and the Clean Audit outcomes should serve as further encouragement for cadres deployed in the state and government institutions, to ignore media-driven negative and ill-informed labelling and unwarranted criticisms.

Issued By: African National Congress Limpopo

Communications and Media Office

Contact: Provincial Secretary - Cde. Joe Maswanganyi
Cell: 083 679 7474

Contact: Provincial Spokesperson - Cde. David Masondo
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