It`s All Systems Go for ANC Limpopo`s Seventh Provincial Conference: 17-20 December 2011

It`s All Systems Go for ANC Limpopo`s Seventh Provincial Conference: 17-20 December 2011

7 November 2011

The African National Congress (ANC) in Limpopo will be holding its 7th provincial conference on 17 to 20 December 2011 at the University of Limpopo`s Turfloop campus.

More than 1060 voting delegates from branches of the ANC, including the ANC Youth League, ANC Women`s League as well as the ANC Veterans League will attend the conference.

Conference delegate numbers were determined through a rigorous process, which subjected all ANC Limpopo branch members to a fair and transparent membership audit. This auditing exercise is a standard pre-conference procedure that ensures that only members and branches in good standing attend in the conference.

"Limpopo (ANC) is happy that the number of conference delegates has increased. This time around, we`ve had an increase in both branches and voting delegates. In the 2006 6th provincial conference, 944 delegates attended. Comparatively, we now have more than 1 060 voting delegates participating next month," says the Provincial Spokesperson, Cde. David Masondo.

Masondo continues, "This feat is a good sign that the ANC in Limpopo is growing. We are also impressed with our members` hard work to ensure that our branches are in good standing."

Over and above analysing the ANC`s organisational weaknesses and strengths, this 7th provincial conference will also assess the party`s performance in government and its impact on other sectors of society; in order to develop an effective programme for the acceleration of socio-economic emancipation. For this reason, the conference will elect provincial leadership and also discuss policy issues on governance, education, health, rural development and the spurring on of economic transformation.

As part of pre-conference procedure, branches that have passed audit have begun nominating delegates as well as their preferred leaders to direct the ANC`s Provincial Executive Committee.

This nomination process is accompanied by robust debates on aforementioned strategic policy issues to be adopted by the ANC conference to change the conditions of our people.

Significantly, we wish to emphasise that the election of ANC leadership is the sole responsibility of ANC members in good standing, who have passed our audit processes.

At no stage has the ANC ever prescribed leadership to Alliance structures. Equally, the ANC expects reciprocity on this issue. ANC members do not need to be told who to elect by those who claim to know what is good for them. Our ANC members should not be treated in a paternalistic manner.

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