African National Congress (ANC) Vhembe Regional Conference Outcomes

African National Congress (ANC) Vhembe Regional Conference Outcomes

21 May 2012

The Vhembe ANC conference (Limpopo) resolved to support its Mathale-led provincial leadership in its efforts to build cohesive leadership aimed at strengthening solidarity for organisational programmes and its on-going quest for socio-economic justice.

"Furthermore, conference condemned those who recently announced their plans to `fight` the provincial leadership through marches; in particular, those who staged seat-ins at the offices of The Office of the Premier. In fact, the newly elected leadership has been mandated to explore the possibility of instituting disciplinary proceedings against those members of the ANC who met in an undisclosed banana plantation in Vhembe for purposes of planning to undermine provincial leadership." Added Comrade Mathivha Makonde, ANC Provincial Spokesperson.

Delegates expressed themselves on the outcomes of the disciplinary proceedings involving leaders of the ANC Youth League and resolved to support those demanding that the matter be reviewed by the National Executive Committee (NEC). The assertion of the conference was that instead of expulsion, leadership and members of the Youth League should be guided, supported and corrected in instances where they overstep the line.

The convenor of the NEC deployees in the province: Advocate, Doctor and Professor Mathole Motshekga commended both provincial and regional leaders for organising a successful conference and encouraged the entire country to take some lessons from Vhembe.

The newly elected chairperson, Comrade Tshitereke Matibe committed the Regional Executive Committee (REC) to doing all possible to ensure a united ANC which would rally behind elected leadership.

Regional Chairperson Matibe warned: "All those members in our Alliance structures that have been waging public battles and unceremoniously spewing public spats about the provincial leadership via public platforms to desist from doing so going forward. Issues affecting the alliance cannot be dealt with through the media."

Amongst the resolutions adopted, conference delegates declared to support the call for economic freedom; especially through the nationalization of mines, banks and redistribution of land.

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