Address by Limpopo ANC Chairperson Cde Cassel Mathale during the ANC Mopani Regional General Council, Phalaborwa

Address by Limpopo ANC Chairperson Cde Cassel Mathale during the ANC Mopani Regional General Council, Phalaborwa

2 June 2012

Programme Director
REC members
The leadership of the ANCYL, Women`s League and Veterans` League
Branch delegates
Distinguished guests

Good Day.

This is indeed an extraordinary year for our movement. In the last month we witnessed three regional conferences that revitalised our mandate to serve our people. Once again we congratulate those who have been entrusted to lead our glorious movement in the region.

For a century, the African National Congress has been working on the true liberation of South Africans in particular those who are yet to truly experience the real riches of our marvelous land. The journey has been long and difficult but when we look at the faces of our young children , growing up in a society that does not shun them because of the colour of their skin then we know that every step of the journey was a worthy step. It is up to us now to ensure that every generation that comes after us continues to grow in freedom and in an environment that will see them reach their greatest potential. All generations must fight poverty, sexism, racism and all other forms of unfair discrimination and work together to achieve a truly democratic South Africa which has been the vision of the African National Congress for one hundred years. We have the intelligence and the talent to see this vision. All we have to do is work hard and be united at all times. Our unity will give us the strength to take our movement and our country to its greatest heights.


In July our Province will have the honour of hosting the ANC torch which has been roaming the country since the 8th of January when our glorious movement celebrated one hundred years of existence. This flame is a symbol our dream for the people of South Africa. It is a symbol of unity and prosperity and all the ideals embodied in the freedom Charter. When the torch reaches our soil, we must embrace it in honour of Sefako Makgatho, Mark Shope, Flag Boshielo, Peter Mokaba and all the men and women who lived and died for the liberation of our people.

Our province has produced quality comrades for the movement who had a clear understanding of the culture of the ANC including the commitment required to be a true cadre of the movement. Comrades, we must learn from our heroes , it must be evident that we are made from the same fiber as these stalwarts. We uphold their spirit and let it shine like the undying flame of the African National Congress.

In the same month, our centenary celebrations will take place in Limpopo where the Presidency of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela will be commemorated. Comrades, ours must be a celebration befitting of this global giant. On this day we will be observing the immense and selfless contribution that Mandela has made to the ANC, the county and humankind as a whole. Nelson Mandela has shown to the world what our movement is able to achieve if we all put our hands together in pursuit for a better life for all.


Our meeting here today is perhaps the most important in our movement as we will be deliberating on the discussion documents for our Policy Conference which is scheduled for later this month. We must not take these matters lightly as our discussions become the foundation for the direction in which we will lead our people. We must apply our minds to matters of health and education, governance as well as social and economic transformation.

This policy conference comes at a time when our people need economic liberation. It is quite evident that we will not reach an equal society if some of our people are still bound by the shackles of poverty. We do not have real liberation if our country`s wealth remains in the hands of a few families while many of people have no land, no education, no jobs and no hope of overcoming their situation.


Our branches are the life of our movement. We can only speak of a firm African National Congress if we have firm branches that are in good standing. Through our regional conferences we were able to get a clear picture of the state of our branches. We will soon be engaging in an audit for our national conference in December. Every single member of every single branch will have to be counted and accounted for. In the build up to the national conference, Limpopo must present branches that are strong and more united than ever before.


We will meet at next week`s PGC to be held in Polokwane where all members of the ANC are invited. It is at this meeting that all regions will continue to discuss the documents for the policy conference and consolidate the position of our province.

We wish you that you may have progressive deliberations today.

The people shall govern.


I thank you