ANC Limpopo troubled by ghastly violation of five year old in in Ga-Molepo

ANC Limpopo troubled by ghastly violation of five year old in in Ga-Molepo

18 June 2012

The ANC in Limpopo is troubled by the reported rape of a five-year old little girl in Ga-Molepo, Polokwane Municipality in May this year. According to a front page article published in The Star newspaper this morning, the same child was first raped in 2010 when she was three years old.

We especially commend and appreciate the heightened activation of the security, social services and justice clusters assisted by the Director General of the Department of Justice to offer urgent interventions ensuring the immediate safety of the mother and child.

However, the reported allegation that the police had not informed the mother and family of little Dikeledi when the first child rape suspect, who had been held in custody, was released on the basis of his case being ‘provisionally withdrawn`, needs to be looked into as a matter of urgency, by all relevant authorities.

We cannot continue to have these kinds of inhumane crimes being committed against children and women and any other victims of such violent, gruesome acts that strip victims of their dignity and their right to safe and secure residences - amongst other constitutionally enshrined rights that our country guarantees citizens. Children have a right to play and grow in a nurturing and secure environment. No-one, no matter their circumstances, has the right to violate the rights of other persons in this, nor any other manner.

As a collective duty, we urge society to look closely into matters of child safety, including women and all other vulnerable members of our communities. The police, social services and the justice system and their processes are simply not enough to ensure a positive change in our society; transforming it from one harbouring heartless, inhumane individuals to being a caring society that connects with itself on the basis of respect and other positive values.

"In July 2012, Limpopo will be hosting the month that highlights the leadership tenure and Presidency of Comrade Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. The theme for this commemorative period is "Building a Caring Nation"; horrific incidents such as this ghastly child rape puts a huge dent to the ANC`s cause to create an altruistic, caring and selfless South Africa envisaged as a nation made up of citizens who espouse these values," says ANC Limpopo spokesperson, Makonde Mathivha.

He concluded: "Our country has an urgent need to build caring communities, in each and every ward, town and city; across the length and breadth of our nation."

The ANC Limpopo wishes to urge all community members especially citizens directly concerned with child-care; teachers at schools and pre-school levels, various civil society organisations as well as non-governmental organisations - to work closely together with local authorities to ensure that we all put a stop to violations against all children.

Issued By: African National Congress Limpopo

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