Congratulations to Vha-Venda King Mphephu

Congratulations to Vha-Venda King Mphephu

18 September 2012

The ANC Limpopo congratulates King Mphephu on his official recognition as king of Vha-Venda following a decision by the Venda High Court Appellate division. We are impressed with the speed at which the Presidency has moved after finalisation of the case two weeks ago. However, we wish this pace could be universally applied when dealing with all issues affecting our province; especially matters such as those needing clarity on the application of section 100(1)(b) of South Africa’s Constitution.

We urge those involved to move with the same speed in concluding a similar appeals process pursued by the Sekhukhune community in trying to get finalisation on a related decision concerning their kingdom. Expediting this will allow us ample opportunity to focus on working for our people side by side with the nation’s kings. Conclusion of the issue of the Vha-Venda kingship gives us and the people of Sekhukhune hope that settlement of their kingship matter is also imminent.

We however, are aware of some frustrated individuals who, out of desperation, want to confuse our people by resorting to archaic Bantustan-style politics in explaining issues surrounding a failed application submitted by the Shangaan people to the 2004 Nhlapho Commission (whose report was released two years) - which was setup to deal with community applications for recognition of kingship. Our belief is that government has applied its mind in concluding this matter and that tribalism had no influence in it.

The Shangaan people have not been deprived of the status of kingship because of any malicious intention by government as is alleged by some people whose thinking mode in suspension. We must all distance ourselves from this ‘Bantustan mentality’ and approach to managing societal challenges.

All of us should be aware of the dangers and terrible consequences that could be unleashed by the politics of tribalism. Responsible individuals know that they should desist from ever trying to play that divisive card.

What comforts us is the fact that our people are advanced in their thinking and will not blindly follow those who want to fabricate cheap causes to sow divisions among communities.

Issued By: African National Congress Limpopo

Communications and Media Office
Contact: Provincial Spokesperson, Cde. Makonde Mathivha
Mobile: 083 457 2268