ANC Limpopo unity and moment of silence for late traditional leaders

ANC Limpopo unity and moment of silence for late traditional leaders

2 October 2012

A moment of silence was observed by African National Congress (ANC) Limpopo Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) members at its Monday, 01 October 2012 meeting in honour and memory of two late traditional leaders who passed away over the past weekend: Khosi Ravhura of Makonde in Vhembe and Kgosi Mamaila of Mopani.

Underscoring the significance of organisational cohesion and unity in the ANC, Limpopo Chairperson, Cde Cassel Mathale encouraged members to defend the leadership position proposed in the meeting of the PEC held on 17 September 2012. During this meeting names were proposed to represent ANC structures at national level as a precursor to the branch nominations process which commences only once the issue of branch representatives/delegates has been concluded by qualifying ANC branches.

He further congratulated all Regional Secretaries of the Province as well as the Provincial Secretary for their collective dedication and commitment which led to the overall tone of unity and cohesion currently enjoyed in the provincial ANC further resulting in the second highest growth in membership numbers following the KwaZulu-Natal ANC`s growth figures.

"We must be proud of what we have been able to achieve since coming into office in spite of all the challenges that confronted us. Our province is not amongst the weakest. We have grown membership tremendously. We kept the flag of the ANC flying high. No amount of persecution will defocus us; we will continue doing what we need in order to strengthen the structures of the ANC on the ground", stated ANC Limpopo Provincial Chairperson.

Limpopo grew its membership by about 50 Thousand new members since its last member audit concluded as part of the preparations for the 7th Provincial Conference for Limpopo. In December the province`s membership was 114 Thousand and presently tallies up to 161 Thousand members.

"This incremental growth in membership is indicative of a positive energy that engulfed the provincial ANC despite the pressure and difficulty we have operated under since the PEC`s elective inauguration last December," says Provincial Spokesperson, Makonde Mathivha.

Comrade Makonde continued: "The ANC Limpopo has been leading the struggle for unity and progressive change in the ANC. Determining national direction for the country is no easy task. The decisive role played by Limpopo in the ANC cannot be overlooked. History will judge us if we hold back on our leadership approach. Victory is certain so we must remain united."

Bearing in mind that the most basic unit of the ANC is the branch structure; this membership growth represented both quantitative and qualitative progression for the province. Meaning that the province not only grew its numbers in terms of members but that the expansion also represents retained confidence in the movement and its ability to continue leading society`s political and socio-economic ideological aspirations through the proportional representation democratic principle governing ANC structures.

"Before the meeting concluded its business yesterday the PEC also confirmed its firm stance to support the Chairperson. The PEC views any attack on him is an attack on the entire structure. The media-driven smear-campaign about "possible charges" against Cde Cassel Mathale is a slanderous and baseless action geared at denting the image of the chairperson. The motivation behind these libellous allegations is the resistance of specific corners of South African societies hell-bent on frustrating the radical economic transformation direction proposed and progressively led by the ANC Limpopo through our constitutional structures and processes of the organisation. Nationalisation of mines and other strategic resources/assets as well as land redistribution without compensation are the key pillars of economic transformation propagated by ANC Limpopo`s 7th elective conference last December and the Provincial General Council of 10 June 2012. These were supported by all the Leagues in the Province", commented Makonde Mathivha, spokesperson of ANC Limpopo.

Mathivha concluded: "Members of the media who are peddling these lies about the Chairperson are doing so because of corporate concern under the guise of public interest. We in the ANC are not shaken by these antics. The Chairperson`s convictions about South Africa`s landscape are those of the ANC in Limpopo; therefore we all remain resolute in the fight for radical economic shift to address our country`s socio-economic challenges and our choice of leaders in Mangaung will, among others be founded on this resolve."

The meeting was concluded on a high note following the united commitment by all PEC members to remain committed to the cohesion of the province and growth of the ANC.

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